Our positive impact

We believe the creation of our small agency is creating a positive impact in itself.


& here is how we do it…

positive impact

Chiapas, México

Web host

Our web host is Greengeeks, a green web host which supports alternatives and contributes to environmentally friendly efforts to minimise the impact on our environment. By hosting SAJU at Greengeeks we contribute to this company’s continued commitment to green energy by investing in wind energy equivalent to three times the energy used for their website traffic.




We work remotly, from home and in coworking spaces or cafes which generates less mobility and uses less resources. We’re lucky, grateful and proud to have the privilege to choose a work location that allows us to get there by bike, foot or -though currently less often- by public transport.

Company culture

Work to live, to empower others and inspire our community and therefore ourselves. We are committed to putting people at the centre and to do so, we make sure we balance our work time with what makes us feel alive. Sometimes that means a surf session at our local beach, sometimes it means toast with fresh tomato and olive oil and other times it means having a tasty & creamy coffee that warms our soul…. Basically, whatever it is that fills us with energy and motivation in our work.




We track our positive impact and create annual reports. This helps us set our own targets as a small business and as human beings and drives us towards our purpose while motivating us to do good and even better. 

We are currently working on our 2021 report.

Our approach 

In every project we work on, we are committed to raising awareness on sustainable methods, resources and any other aspects related to your work.

With every opportunity we are given, we suggest more sustainable strategies and alternatives to the people we work for. Even though it is not the purpose of our contracting.



Search Engine

Have you heard of Ecosia? An alternative to Google that is on the rise and that plants trees and does good through your internet searches. Our team surfs the web with ecosia and we kinda like it. You should give it a try 😉


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