Volátil Joyería

Responsible jewellery brand based in Barcelona

Volàtil Joyería

Miryam Mondesdeoca, founder of Volátil Joyería, transforms each ring, bracelet, ring and earrings in a piece of art that takes you straight to the beautiful landscapes of the Canaries, where Miryam was born.

In 2021, she desired to bring a new essence to Volátil. We worked with her by redetermining her business model, brand identity and created new content for the brand, redesigned her entire webiste and assisted in her communication and social media strategy.


Photographic content for new essence: Sara Guerrero

postal volatil

We also guided her on a new colour palette for the brand and redesigned some of her printed resources such as her business cards and note cards.

Colores de marca
tarjeta volatil
tarjeta volatil

Have a look @volatiljoyeria

You can see SAJU’s final work here:



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