Our story

Alba Lucie

We are Alba and Lucie.

Two women full of hope & life who showed up in each other’s life in 2018 and changed each other’s perspective…

on life

on work

on life with work.

This is us

Besides spending our time together surfing (trying to!), laughing, eating and sipping on red wine, we started sharing our thoughts and curiosities about living a more simple and responsible life.

Starting with our

outfits and our food.

And then our occupations

& our goals.

Until we found a common purpose…

How can we encourage others to be more responsible too?

So we decided to put this into action and created SAJU Agency


A place for us to work.

A place for us to be.

All with purpose.


And well, if it is possible to do so near the ocean…

All well and good

The souls behind SAJU Agency


Lucie SAJU

”I believe in the greatness of nature & people, and want to uplift them in a way that benefits both.“

Born and raised in sunny & snowy Switzerland, Lucie graduated in International Business Management from the Haute École de Gestion de Genève, where she focused her courses on sustainable business.


Last slope of the day, Bretaye

She feels most at peace when in nature or when doing somekind of craft; such as sewing, from which she started one of SAJU’s initiatives: apricity, which consists in upcycling wasted fabrics into everyday essentials.


Sunsets in Famara, Lanzarote

Home, Gran Canaria

Now living in sunny & sandy Gran Canaria, she aspires to empower responsible projects & businesses and accompany them in their strategies and endeavours.

Her motto in life is that everything happens for a reason and above all: Life is too short for bad weather!



“I feel a magnetism for all those human beings who act by following their inner voice. I find myself in my element when I help communicate those life stories.”

Golden hour at Alba’s appartment

Alba was born in the Atlantic Ocean: the Canary Islands. Raised within the slow-life spirit of this place, she has flowed through different fields. She graduated in Architecture at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) & IUAV in Venice (Italy) and studied two Masters; in Food Tourism from the Basque Culinary Center (San Sebastian) and in Teacher Training.

Banana trees in La Palma

To her, life is all about living with passion, to not overthink beyond reason, and to have faith in the path we are on, trusting that the dots always end up connecting somehow along the way.

This is us

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